That Italian families are in evident liquidity crisis is no longer news. The month of October, however, was particularly heavy: Tari, Imu and Tasi, the increase in tariffs regarding utilities, the school that has just started with the costs that it entails between books and tuition.

In short, a difficult month, especially if you think that December is incumbent with the installments expected to pay the taxes. Between taxes and expenses, you will probably have very little to spend on gifts and dinners. But at Christmas, the Italians just don’t feel like giving up and requests for credit to spend happy holidays have increased in recent years.

The demand is growing, the supply is adapting. Many banks and credit institutions, in this period of the year, launch offers and promotions designed precisely for these ” Christmas ” needs.

Gifts from Good Finance and Good Credit

Gifts from Good Finance and Good Credit

The most original initiatives are certainly those of Good Finance and Good Credit, which this year decide to pay homage to customers who request a loan before the end of the year.

Good Finance, one of the main European banking groups, makes available to customers who renew their current financing or open a new one, a stay for two with the 2×1 formula (the stay is for two but pays only one person). Date and destination are chosen from a series of proposals.

Good Credit responds with an equally tempting proposal: in fact there are up to 7 vouchers worth 5000 per month, starting from summer 2014 and until December 31st. These vouchers are accepted. Alternatively, you can decide to book a holiday with the Francorosso Tour Operator. There will also be a final prize worth $ 15,000.00. How do you access these prizes? Just take out any type of loan offered by Good Credit in its rich catalog.

At Christmas rates “are all better”: the best offers

At Christmas rates "are all better": the best offers

The other offers that focus on interest rates are less original and decidedly concrete. The pre-Christmas period shows a trend, every year, to decrease rates in order to make the stipulation of loan contracts more attractive and convenient.

Of-Osservatorio Finanziario analyzed all the offers on the market by comparing their economic conditions. After considering for each offer the installment and the amount on a hypothetical loan worth $ 16,000.00 to be repaid in six years, he compiled a ranking of the most convenient offers of the moment, which we could define “in Tan order”.

In the first place of this convenient ranking, we find the E-Money offer! E-Money Bank Project! Until December 15th, it is extremely convenient to sign a loan agreement with the famous online bank of the Good Lender Group. The offer includes a fixed Tan at 6.58%. We remind you that the group’s financial company is Findomestic and to access the offer you must be a customer of the bank and proceed with the online request with a digital signature.

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